• When traffic’s heavy people get frustrated and sometimes behave unpredictably. Be wary and anticipate the actions of road users around you.
    • Expect to see large groups of cyclists and pedestrians. Give these more vulnerable road users plenty of room, and don’t attempt to overtake cyclists on narrow or parked up roads.
    • Be prepared for pedestrians who may not look properly before crossing the road.
    • Listen to traffic updates, and have a plan in mind for an alternative route as road closures and diversions are a common occurrence.
    • Sitting in traffic drinks fuel, so keep your vehicle moving for as long as possible, even in traffic queues. This is more fuel efficient than stopping and starting. But when you are stationary, don’t forget to use your handbrake.
    • Wrongly inflated tyres have a big impact on fuel economy and they are also more vulnerable to damage. Check your tyre pressures regularly when they are cold.

This is an extract from an article written by the IAM

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