Scooter Survival Course

Nelson | Sun 19 Nov | 9:00AM

$20* pp

Get next level skills!

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The Scooter Survival Course is a 4 hour training course created for scooter and low powered motorcycle (moped) riders to gain essential skills and boost confidence. The training is aimed at riders whose riding is primarily commuting in urban environments and traffic. New riders looking to build early skills and confidence will find this course extremely valuable.

This course is to ensure riders develop the skills to commute safely and gain more confidence when riding in urban environments.

* Ride Forever Courses are FREE to Tasman, Marlborough & Nelson City residents:
  • Register for your subsidy at
  • Once your subsidy is confirmed, book your course and use the Coupon Code TDC.
  • You'll need to forward your subsidy voucher to us, and also take your voucher with you on the day of the course.
  • If the above conditions are not met, you will have to pay the full course fee.
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