Defensive Driving Course

The Defensive Driving Course is a 5 session training course which includes videos and online driver training tools from eDrive that you can use on your home computer, and an in-vehicle coaching session with a 2 Drive Safe instructor. By developing the skills needed to steer clear of a car accident, you’ll be able to move from your restricted to a full driving licence six months sooner (or three months if you’re aged over 25 years).

You’ll be able to attend a defensive driving course once you’ve had your learner licence for 4 months (or have had at least 50 hours driving experience), and restricted licence holders can attend as soon as they have their restricted licence.

Even full licence holders benefit from completing the Defensive Driving Course. If you're a police recruit, a court referral, completing a Police Diversion programme or want to refresh your driving knowledge and skill base, you’ve come to the right place. ESOL Student? Click here for more info.

ESOL Student? Click here for more info.

$249 pp

Supercharge your driving skills!


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Defensive Driving Course

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We’ll teach you three key driving skills in the Defensive Driving Course:

  1. Searching (eye scanning)
  2. Assessing (hazard identification)
  3. Reducing Risk (risk management) over five separate training sessions.

The first four sessions are theory based classroom. The fifth is an in-car practical driving session; if you’re on a restricted licence, then this session will be like a practice full licence test and will give you a chance to ask questions about the real test. The drive must be completed within 60 days of your final classroom session.

Empowering You to be a better, safer driver

4 Classroom Sessions
We use a state of the art online learning system that shows real-life driving situations during the theory sessions. The course has informative DVDs and discusses various scenarios, observations and hazards to improve understanding. And besides that, learning with 2 Drive Safe instructors is always a fun and rewarding experience.

The classroom sessions can be fast paced, so if you have challenges reading and writing we highly recommend you bring along a relative, friend or support person to help you get the workbook filled in fully, as it is a requirement from NZTA to pass the course.

1 In-Vehicle Coaching Session
The final hour will give you in-car practical coaching with a professional instructor to see how well you can put what you’ve learned into practice. It is also a good guide for the Full Class 1 Test. We have a 100% success rate from everyone who has taken our DDC and gone on to take their Full Class 1 Test! This session must be completed within 60 days of your final classroom session.

Online Learning
eDrive, the online learning system, shows real-life driving situations filmed on NZ roads with you right in the driver’s seat. It focuses on driving skills, such as visual search and situation awareness, that are directly linked to crash risk. Using the latest technology, eDrive deliver video-based traffic simulations to your computer in a fun and interactive manner.

NZ PASS RATE <br />16-19 Year Olds Without DDC
NZ PASS RATE <br />16-19 Year Olds With DDC
2 Drive Safe Pass Rate <br /> All ages with ddc

$249 pp

Supercharge your driving skills!


Extra Notes

In total, it takes just nine hours to complete the course (each classroom session is two hours long but, as the discussions are very interesting, we allow two and a half hours for each session). However, all 4 classroom sessions have to be done in order, so please make sure you check the dates and can attend all sessions. If you do happen to miss a session due to unforeseen circumstances, you can join in on the next course we run and pick up from where you left off at no extra charge. It just delays you in your quest for driving freedom!

There is a legal requirement from NZTA and the AA to have at least six people on each course, so if we don’t get that number the course will be postponed and start at a later date.

ESOL Students - English as a Second Language

We do our best to provide great learning environments for all. However, this is a fast paced English language course with many technical words to do with driving in New Zealand. To pass this course, both group participation (speaking) and a workbook (written) must be completed.

With that in mind, ESOL students must organise a reader/writer to help them with this course.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.