Driver Training & Lessons

With a nearly 100% pass rate for both restricted and full car licence tests over the last 14 years, we are sure you will progress on your learning to drive journey with enjoyment and gain the skills and attitudes 2 Drive Safe on NZ roads. Serving Christchurch, Rangiora & North Canterbury, we can offer a range of services including; individual lessons, pre test booster courses for drivers on their Learners or Restricted Licence and block courses for new drivers.

You have the option of what car you choose to learn in. 2 Drive Safe instructors have both manual or auto cars, which have been fitted with dual controls cars for your safety. You can use your own (or your parents) car - whatever suits you.

Currently our Manual instructors car is based in Wigram and our Auto Car in Rangiora so if you need to use our car please book your lesson in the correct location.

We start all our lessons from a fixed meeting point so you will need to make sure you can get there by the lesson start time. Both (Rangiora Toy Library and Wigram New World) are close to bus stops so easy to get to and cafes if your supervisor doesn’t want to participate in the lesson.

your driving skills


The Lesson Lo-Down

We pride ourselves on tailoring our training to meet your individual needs, whilst still having structure to lessons. We will work with you to set targets for your driving needs and always give actionable feedback at the end of each lesson. If parents or caregivers are paying for lessons we are happy for them to talk to us. We can guide them on how to get the most out of supervised practice times between lessons. Sometimes we even take them out for a spell so they can help you achieve your goals quicker!

Finally, we wanted to say to both students, parents and caregivers that ‘the test’ is not the end of the journey. The test is simply the minimum safe standard to drive on NZ roads. We often find that once the test is passed, old bad driving habits can quickly appear. Although the person is licensed, they are consistently driving below the minimum test standard. The only way to progress is by monitoring yourself (or your newly licensed dependant) on a regular basis and encourage regular driving checkups. After all, our cars get checked twice a year for their WOF; so why not our driving? Your future life is worth the investment, and we want you 2 Drive Safe!


"Very good value for money and top quality training which enabled me to pass first time. 2 Drive Safe are supportive, very thorough, prepared to go the extra mile for their students and ensure they get every assistance possible to pass."


"I just passed my restricted test with flying colours. Thank you so much for your advice - it was spot on!"


"Joshua sat and passed his restricted driving test yesterday! Many thanks for your help. He will be doing the defensive driving course, and his motorcycle licence with you in the future. "


"My daughter had a lesson with you recently and it made a world of difference to her confidence. She became very excited after a previous negative experience with a different drive school. She went on to pass her licence test with flying colours. I would highly recommend you to anyone!"

Rangiora Lessons

Vehicle: Your own car or 2 Drive Safe's dual control Auto
from Toy Library / Station Cafe Car Park
With: Jo Woodrow

Christchurch Lessons

Vehicle: Your own car or 2 Drive Safe's dual control Manual
from Wigram New World Car Park
With: Duncan Seed

Lesson Options

1 Hr Lesson


  • Top Class Coaching or Mock Driving Test
  • Quick & Easy
  • Cheap as Chips
BOOK LESSON Book Manual Lesson
in 2 Drive Safe Vehicle
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1.5 hr Lesson


  • Top Class Coaching or Mock Driving Test
  • Quick & Easy
  • Cheap as Chips
BOOK LESSON Book Manual Lesson
in 2 Drive Safe Vehicle
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  • Boost your confidence & skill over 5 lessons
  • Build momentum & become a safer driver
  • Fantastic Value

5 x 2 hr lessons


  • Supercharge your driving over 5 lessons
  • Ride the momentum & become a safer driver
  • The Best Value!



  • Learn to drive over 10 lessons
  • Enjoy the momentum & become a safer driver
  • Incredible Value
We're currently not taking any new driving lesson clients. Please contact us if you require more information, or you're an existing client needing to book additional lessons.