Well the time is nigh that most of us are about to come out of lockdown here in Aotearoa New Zealand. For many of you who are essential services it may not be much new, but for many of us it will getting back to some semblance of normality – though with a few caveats along the way with social distancing etc.

Anyway, before you rush out to see family and friends, return to work or go for a drive or a ride, just take a moment to EMPOWER your self.

At 2 Drive Safe Rider & Driver Training its our mission to EMPOWER our clients with the knowledge understanding and skills to make every journey a safe and enjoyable one. I know thats our corporate line but we really do care and want you to arrive alive and well at the end of every journey, so before you start your journey consider a few things.

E – Environment.

Where are you going, what’s the weather like, what time of day is it, what will I encounter in the way of hazards and risk on THIS journey I’m about to take. Just remember everyone is itching to get out and about, imho i think there will be some mayhem and chaos on our roads, remember wacky races anyone? So consider the route you will take, the volume of traffic as well as types of traffic and other things ( maybe livestock) that you will have to deal with and give yourself plenty of time, so you don’t feel rushed and stressed to get to wherever it is you are going. Remember its better to arrive alive than be dead on time.

M- Me, myself and I.

How do I feel right now, am I focussed on driving or angry from just having a blur with my partner or kids, or boss. If thats the case take a moment to settle your mind, go for a walk round the block if you need to and clear your frustration and worries so you can give ALL your attention to your drive or ride. How about my health and fitness, some have been literally going the extra mile in their exercise regime, others have blobbed out. Whatever is going on recognise any health or fitness issues ( fitness especially on the motorbike), be aware of any injuries and what effect they may have on your riding or driving and do what you need to do to stay safe. The other big thing many may have to deal with is financial stress, so you may need to talk to someone and find a way to try and alleviate that stress, the last thing you need when driving or riding is a mind full or numbers and worrying about them. In fact anything that takes MY mind of the road needs sorting before I move 1 wheel.

If I am riding I also need to think about my gear, clean the visor on my helmet , and while I’m there check the strap and fit, give my gear a quick once over and make sure all the zips, buckles and fasteners operate properly and still fit my waistline lol

POWER – Petrol, Oil, Water, Electrics, and Rubber

So take a few minutes today before you are in a rush on Thursday morning to check your vehicle – car or bike over, make sure all the fluids are ok, fill your wiper wash , clean the wiper blades, check your lights all work properly, and check your tires are in good condition and at the right pressure.

When you are out on the road, have plenty of time, don’t rush, be patient, be kind and remember everyone makes mistakes including you and I, so be forgiving, leave plenty of space (3 Seconds min) between you and the vehicle ahead (more if its wet, your are towing or being tailgated), Try and scan as far ahead as possible (12 second rule) and look for changes in the flow of traffic. If you can’t see because the vehicle ahead is blocking the way drop back, If its because there’s a bend coming up slow down (if you lose your view, lose some speed), remember you don’t know what’s might be lurking just around the bend!

Like I said at the start we want to EMPOWER you, so you make your first journey as you are driving or riding out of lockdown, along with every journey from now on to be safe and enjoyable.

Take Care, EMPOWER yourself and I’ll hope to see you out there. FREEDOM YEAH!