Fleet Safety Training

Every time one of your employees goes zooming down the road, exceeding the speed limit or cutting someone off – that creates a negative (and hard to win back) first impression of your organisation – let alone the increased fuel consumption, wear and tear, and risk of vehicle and staff down time should they be involved in a crash!

2 Drive Safe can work with your organisation (however small or large) to deliver a safe driving policy. We work closely with ACC towards bringing levy reductions or vehicle licence discounts. And we work with your staff to help reduce their driving risk and become safer, more fuel efficient drivers, that do your company proud and leave other drivers with the “right “ impression. Plus, having a safe driving policy helps you meet your obligations under the Health and Safety in Employment Act 2015 (HSE Act).

We work with fleets ranging from 1 to 1000 anywhere in New Zealand, providing you with the most professionally skilled driver training coaches in the country. Duncan Seed (2 Drive Safe’s owner & lead instructor) is on the national executive for New Zealand Institute of Driver Educators and the Institute of Advanced Motorists.

We offer a range of services including group theory training sessions, one on one in vehicle coaching for car or truck fleets and online driver risk assessment to help identify areas of risk to work on in vehicle or in the classroom!


  • Lower insurance premiums
  • Lower fuel bills
  • Lower crash repair bills
  • Lower maintenance costs (e.g. in tyre wear)
  • Reduction in lost productivity, fewer sales missed or fewer interruptions to service
  • Less sick leave and lower temporary staff costs
  • Reduced payments to third parties who might be involved in a crash
  • Work towards lower ACC levies

The Facts

NZ Businesses claimed
in insurance owing to commercial vehicle crashes in 2007

A survey of 85 New Zealand organisations taking part in a road safety workshop showed:

  • On average they had 33 crashes or collisions per year, involving one in four work vehicles
  • The annual cost of motor fleet insurance claims averaged $57,915
  • The annual hidden cost of motor fleet insurance claims (including vehicle downtime) averaged $121,286
  • The average number of road injuries or fatalities per year was 10.

The ACC Injury Cost Calculator can help you work out the real impact on your financial bottom line.

During 2008 there were
reported crashes resulting in injury or death

The five leading factors were:

  1. Failure to give way or stop (2,773)
  2. A driver not seeing or looking for other road users (2,349)
  3. An inattentive or diverted driver (2,734)
  4. Travelling too fast for the conditions (1,608)
  5. An alcohol/drug-affected driver (1,900).

Of course, several causes can contribute to the same crash.

Dr Will Murray (April 2007). Improving work-related road safety in New Zealand – a research report, Department of Labour, Wellington, p 17 and 7.

Genesis Energy

Genesis Energy

"I have just completed my On Road Driver Coaching Session and found the whole exercise to be very constructive and beneficial to me in improving my overall driving skills and eliminating bad driving habits. This driver safety initiative will be extremely beneficial to all staff members and contribute further to reducing the critical risk of a fatal or disabling injury."

Careers NZ

"During our staff meeting, staff asked me to feedback how much they enjoyed the training you provided, and also the fact they had each learned something concrete that they have now adopted into their driving practice."

Fleet Courses

Customised Defensive Driving Training

from $750

+GST +Travel Costs
  • Customised group defensive driving theory training
  • Tailored to your companies specific needs e.g. trailer, mini van, off road etc