Nelson Instructors & Training

The perfect holiday destination, Nelson is situated at the top north-west of the South Island. The Nelson Region is the sunniest in New Zealand. It is on the eastern shores of the Tasman Bay, and is the oldest city in the South Island. Nelson’s diverse vistas captures everything from the long golden beaches to untouched forests and rugged mountains. The region has so much to offer, from hundreds of arts and cultural venues, to fabulous restaurants, boutique breweries and wineries, lots of festivals and events (World of Wearable Arts was born here) and for those interested in the outdoors, the region boasts three national parks and numerous mountain bike tracks.

2 Drive Safe instructors in Nelson offer motorcycle training, such as Ride Forever Courses (including the Bronze, Silver,Gold, Urban and Scooter Survival courses). Improve your skill level and confidence, and take your riding to the next level with courses suited for all stages of learning.

Local Instructors

Kevin Guthrie

Kevin Guthrie
Riding Instructor

Kevin started riding motorcycles at a young age and progressed to road riding when he was old enough to obtain his driver’s licence. Kevin has toured around NZ, Europe and the UK on his own motorcycle and regularly visits the USA where he owns a motorcycle for touring. He has 23 years service with the New Zealand Police and was the first Police Motorcyclist in the Nelson/Tasman region. As a Police Motorcyclist he is recertified every twelve months to ensure his riding skills are smooth, safe and at the required standard.

Over the years Kevin has obtained his I endorsement for classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6, given training to many Nelson & Marlborough residents & institutions (including for the Police and Military), and holds a NZ Motorcycle Racing License. Basically, Kevin is a legend! He has an enthusiastic but relaxed way of engaging his students and encouraging them to learn new skills.

Jason Howcroft

Jason Howcroft
Riding Instructor

Jason has been involved in the Motorcycle Industry since 1990. His passion grew, and so he decided to own a Motorcycle Shop, help to run local motorcycle events and later became an instructor. Since 2010, Jason has trained in New Zealand and the USA, and provided training in the form of Basic Handling Skills Tests, CBTA courses & Ride Forever Courses. Most recently he has trained NZ Post riders, and won an award for his efforts.

Local Training

Ride Forever Courses
Ride Forever Bronze Course
Ride Forever Silver Course
Ride Forever Gold Course
Ride Forever Urban Course
Scooter Survival Course