Basic Handling Skills Test

If you need to get your Motorcycle Licence Class 6 you need to first pass a Basic Handling Skills Test. We hold the test in a safe off road location in Christchurch that we use on Wednesday to Friday and in Rangiora on the weekends all year round.

We have 3 options depending on your skill level. We ask you to be honest and real about your abilities; do your best not to over estimate your skill level! Choose an option that gives enough time for you to train AND take the test, otherwise you will find yourself paying more for extra training and test time. You may need more (maybe even less) training than you or your partner/friend/parent think.

There is a fair bit of information about the test for you to check out (including a video showing you what the test will look like), so we have done our best to keep it easy and simple to follow. If you do have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

from $179 pp

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Get A FREE Ride Forever Course Voucher with your BHST

On passing your Basic Handling Skills Test with 2 Drive Safe, you'll be given a voucher for a FREE Ride Forever Bronze or Urban Commuter Course. Continue developing safe on-road skills and progress through to your restricted licence quicker with Ride Forever and the CBTA.

Experienced Rider


Per Person
  • For confident geared bike riders with regular on / off road experience
  • Up to 60 minutes to familiarize and for instruction
  • 30 minutes for testing
  • Free Ride Forever Voucher

Never Ridden


Per Person
  • For hesitant and tentative new riders with limited motorcycle experience
  • Up to 120 minutes to familiarize and for instruction
  • 30 minutes for testing (if ready)
  • Free Ride Forever Voucher

Bonus Info

Basic Handling Skills Instructional Video

Click image to view video

The test is comprised of four stages, all of which are described below and shown in the video to the left (see if you can identify some of the riders mistakes). We also look at posture and general control. You need to demonstrate safe and effective control of the motorcycle at all times throughout the test period, while negotiating a test item or otherwise. Stalling, not looking up, high wrists, loss of control or racing the engine etc are all riding faults!

BASIC TURN & STOP To demonstrate basic balance and control while moving off and accelerating, riding straight and negotiating a turn. To demonstrate basic braking control. To demonstrate basic signalling.

What to bring

There is a small amount of paperwork to do when you arrive so if you can come 5-10 minutes before your appointment time and begin to fill in the form that will help you. If you arrive late then that means your time has been cut down and you may not get all the practice you require.

After You Pass