Ride Forever Silver Course

The Ride Forever Silver Course is an 8 hour training course created for intermediate and returning riders to take their riding to the next level. It is designed to assist with taking restricted riders to their full licenceas well as offering ‘returning riders’ a course which will focus on both urban riding and riding in more challenging, open-road environments at higher, open-road speeds.

This course gives a taste of advanced riding and embeds road craft principles into rider training. You will become a safer and more skillful rider, able to deal with more challenging environments. Returning riders will get rid of any rustiness, and become a confident rider again.

It also contains many elements to support riders in passing the Class 6 CBTA full licence assessment.

$50 pp

Get next level skills!

* Ride Forever Courses are FREE to Tasman, Marlborough & Nelson City residents:
  • Tasman, Marlborough & Nelson City residents register for your subsidy at www.ridetolive.co.nz
  • Once your subsidy is confirmed, book your course here using the coupon code relevant to your district: "TDC" for Tasman District, or "MDC" for Marlborough District. Do NOT enter any numbers with your coupon code - just the letters - otherwise the coupon will not be applied.
  • You'll need to forward your subsidy voucher number to us, and also take your voucher with you on the day of the course.
  • If the above conditions are not met, you will have to pay the full course fee.

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Ride Forever Silver Course

Many areas of training are covered in the Silver Course – too many to note here! Riding curves is one aspect of riding covered during the course:

You will cover entry, apex and exit of corners, vanishing points and avoiding obstacles, tyre grip and bikes’ capabilities. You will spend time travelling round curves and bends practicing looking in the intended direction of travel, bodyweight and stability and hazard identification.

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