1. At night remember to adjust your speed so you can stop in the distance you see ahead of you with your lights.
  2. When approaching a corner that you can’t see round don’t assume its safe – make sure you can stop comfortably within the distance you can see clear in front of you.
  3. If you look ahead at the marker posts you can tell which way the road is going to turn. White reflectors always mark the left side and you will see orange reflectors on the right side of the road when approaching a left hand bend.
  4. Be aware if the temperature has dropped the roads could be slippery with the early formation of ice, take your time, ease off the gas!
  5. If a car comes up behind you and you are being dazzled, flick your mirror down – you will still be able to see the car behind but won’t be affected by their bright lights.
  6. If an oncoming cars lights are dazzling you, look slightly left and down to the white fog line on the left, you will avoid the dazzling effect and still be able to track along the road nicely