Here it is – a review of my new BMW R nine T Scrambler. Watch the video above, or if you’re in a reading mood find the transcript below:

Hey this is Duncan from 2 Drive Safe Rider & Driver Training. Just giving you my 2000km update on Palloma, my BMW R nine T Scrambler. I just thought I would give you guys that follow up review that I promised.

So just a few things that we’ve done to her: we’ve put some engine protection on here, and a bash plate underneath the front, an oil cooler guard on the front there. We’ve put some knee pad protectors on the side of the brushed aluminium tank. We’ve added a BMW customised tank bag, and bag. This bag is absolutely amazing – it’s a little bit like Hermione Granger’s bottomless bag, you can put so much stuff in it it’s just unbelievable. The one thing that I do like about it is this wee connection here, which is velcro. What I don’t like is the one underneath, that you have to undo. But it fits to the back seat really, really well.

I’m loving the shaft drive, loving the engine, loving the torque. Absolutely loving the power that this bike produces. It’s really comfortable. It’s wind neutral – even when it seems like it’s a very windy day and the wind feels like it’s beating your chest, it’s actually really quite wind neutral. Another wee thing that I’ve added here is a cramp buster onto the throttle. And I’ve really not got a bad thing to say about this bike. It’s absolutely fantastic. Loving every time that I ride her.

So I’ve added some handlebar rises here as well, which gives me 20mm higher. And I’ve also adjusted the angle of the handle bars and the levers themselves. Just so that they’re fitting my hands properly in my natural riding position.

So absolutely loving this bike! Fantastic!

Let me know what you think, or ask me some questions about the bike in the comments below!