Ride Forever Gold Course

The Ride Forever Gold Course is an 8 hour training course created to enhance the skills of even the most advanced rider. It has the fundamental approach of the Ride Forever Syllabus, while offering a higher skill level. It includes more technical aspects of riding such as trail braking and counter-steering.

This course allows for a focussed approach to be taken to ensure specific riding styles can be incorporated (e.g. Cruiser vs Sport bike can have very different approaches to specific tasks). It allows you (the club or rider) to build your own course content, meaning that the course is tailored to suit your needs. That’s pretty awesome!

$50 pp

Get next level skills!

* Ride Forever Courses are FREE to Tasman, Marlborough & Nelson City residents:
  • Tasman, Marlborough & Nelson City residents register for your subsidy at www.ridetolive.co.nz
  • Once your subsidy is confirmed, book your course here using the coupon code relevant to your district: "TDC" for Tasman District, or "MDC" for Marlborough District. Do NOT enter any numbers with your coupon code - just the letters - otherwise the coupon will not be applied.
  • You'll need to forward your subsidy voucher number to us, and also take your voucher with you on the day of the course.
  • If the above conditions are not met, you will have to pay the full course fee.

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Ride Forever Gold CourseRide Forever Gold Course

The Gold training course is made up from a flexible programme of content modules. The trainers will select the modules that best suit the riding interests of the trainees and which will support them to develop specific, advanced riding skills. Some of the modules include:

  • Group and longer rides
  • Riding in formation
  • Riding with a pillion
  • Riding with loads
  • Towing a load
  • Advanced cornering
  • Counter-steering
  • Braking into a curve

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