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Rangiora is where it all started for 2 Drive Safe. North Canterbury is simply stunning and we love that it’s our home. We have invested heavily into our home region, working with many of you already (through driving lessons, the defensive driving course, and various motorcycle courses) to become better riders and drivers and make North Canterbury’s roads safer. You are incredibly important to us!

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to identify and rigorously train two new instructors to the 2 Drive Safe standard. Our standard is the best and the results speak for themselves – we have a nearly 100% pass rate for both restricted & full car licence tests for those who have taken driving lessons with us. Only by raising the standard can we better serve North Canterbury and further our efforts to reduce crashes on New Zealand roads.

Without further ado – here’s Jo!

Jo Woodrow

Jo Woodrow
Driving Instructor

Born in Christchurch, NZ in 1973, Jo being a typical kiwi girl got her Drivers’ Licence as soon as she was able. Jo is a full on car enthusiast and has owned many different cars ranging from a reliable modern hybrid, to a 1973 Beetle and a few high performance cars as well but her favourite was a silver BMW Z4.

Jo is also a keen motorcyclist enjoying many a weekend out riding with friends. She is a learning assistant at a North Canterbury High School and in her spare time, breeds and shows Maine Coon cats.

Whilst Jo enjoys driving and appreciates the skill it takes to drive a car well, her number 1 focus is on safety. Her belief is that you can love driving, have fun and do it safely while showing respect to other road users.

Now a newly qualified instructor but with many years’ experience teaching, Jo’s calm, collected and reassuring manner will help new drivers and older drivers needing to brush up on their skills, the confidence and techniques to reach their goals, while keeping it fun!

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Rangiora & Christchurch Driving Lessons

We pride ourselves on tailoring our training to meet your individual needs, whilst still having structure to lessons. We will work with you to set targets for your driving needs and always give actionable feedback at the end of each lesson. If parents or caregivers are paying for lessons we are happy for them to talk to us. Jonny will guide you on how to get the most out of supervised practice times between lessons. Sometimes we even take them out for a spell so they can help you achieve your goals quicker!


“Very good value for money and top quality training which enabled me to pass first time. 2 Drive Safe are supportive, very thorough, prepared to go the extra mile for their students and ensure they get every assistance possible to pass.”


“Joshua sat and passed his restricted driving test yesterday! Many thanks for your help. He will be doing the defensive driving course, and his motorcycle licence with you in the future. “