Whether you ride or drive, everyone plays a part in motorcycle safety. This September, we’re making everyone aware of how they can help. September is when more motorcycles hit the road – so staying safe is vital. Motorcycles are becoming more popular, with a 60% increase in motorcycle travel on the road in the last 10 years.

They’re also involved in more crashes. In 2015, motorcycles were involved in 17% of crashes and 10% of deaths despite making up only 3% of road users. So far this calendar year, 22 riders have died on the roads. That’s simply not good enough! So here’s some quick tips for riders & drivers alike:


  • Get Ride Forever coaching. Learn More
  • Get the right license. License Info
  • Keep your motorcycle in safe condition. Maintenance Tips
  • Always wear protective clothing
  • Always wear a full-face helmet
  • Ride defensively
  • Make sure you’re visible. Be Seen. Choose the right gear
  • Stand out in the crowd. Be Seen.
  • Ride to the conditions and don’t speed
  • Road Condition Tips
  • Don’t ride while on alcohol or drugs
  • Don’t ride if you’re tired


  • Slow down behind motorcyclists
  • Always look twice at intersections
  • Check your blind spots
  • Drive to the conditions
  • Always use your indicators
  • Know that motorcycles can appear quickly
  • Motorcycle indicators don’t automatically turn off. Make sure the rider is turning before pulling out


For more information, take a look at the official Motorcycle Awareness Month website.