Introducing 2 Drive Safe Rider & Driver Training! We’ve been around for quite a while already, but we wanted to make sure that everyone knows who we are and what we’re about. Make sure to check out the quick video!

Our Vision

  1. To empower our clients with the knowledge, understanding and skills to make every journey a safe & enjoyable one.
  2. To be recognised as the premier training provider across New Zealand.

Our Mission

We are committed to the continual professional development of our staff and training methods, to create personalised learning environments and opportunities, which empower our clients to be the safest riders and drivers they can be.

2 Drive Safe can help you and your family be safe riders and drivers. It’s our mission to see New Zealand be a safer nation on the roads.

We can do your Basic Handling Skills TestCompetency Based Training & Assessment and a myriad of beginner to advanced Motorcycle Training Courses, including subsidised Ride Forever Courses. We can even teach you to drive from scratch with Driving Lessons, do a Mock Driving Test or take you through your Defensive Driving Course.